How to Get Started

In order to quickly and easily start your first embedded project we provide you with the Embedded Studio PRO software package for free.
Embedded Studio PRO is the all-in-one embedded development package you need to realize your next embedded project.

Please check the getting started guide on our page on how to begin.


Find interesting embedded projects and get inspired by other enthusiastic bastlers from all over the world.


Every good embedded project is based on a stable development environment. On bastler you can get a complete and professional embedded software package free of charge.


Good ideas need a stage and should be encouraged. So submit your embedded projects to get rewarded and promoted.

Latest BASTLER Projects

FFT Analyzer on STM32F46G-Disco

Simple FFT Analyzer

Simple FFT analyzer for STM32746G-Discovery board.

Display Keyboard project picture

MIDI event display

Use MIDI to visualize keyboard strokes.

Play Reversi on your LAUNCHPAD

Play Reversi on your LAUNCHPAD

Download the project and play Reversi.

Sign Station

Sign Station CRC

Generate CRC checksums on a trusted device.

Weather Station

Weather Station

Weather Station which uses the data from

Copy Station

Copy station

Copy all files from a SD card to a connected USB stick.